The Brit Pack. A term described in most dictionaries as thus:

    “a group of young and successful British actors, directors, artists, etc”

Motor racing has had its moments when Great Britain has had a number of great drivers. Now is no different to many different eras, except that so many are competing to such a high standard in all corners of the globe. This site will ensure that every single one of them is noted, acknowledged and given the opportunity to be in the spotlight.

We are independent – fiercely so. We do not intend to kowtow to the whims of conglomerates and we aim to explore every single racing category with the depth and focus severely lacking in places nowadays. The only proviso is that there is a Brit on the grid – and all coverage with be UK-centric.

We are independent, which makes it that bit more difficult to build black book of contacts, gain access to all the right places and so on. That said, our niche and style are such that people are sitting up and taking notice – and for that, we can only thank those who are taking an interest.

Being independent usually means adverts or crowdfunding or asking for other ways to support us. The intention here is NOT to do that. We have a day job (one which more than keeps us off the streets and helps fund race weekends and a kitchen extension, actually) and if any money did come of this website, it would go straight to the writers who are starting to come on board and offer their expertise and time.

We want you to enjoy this site. We want you to support this site by reading it, sharing it and pointing people in our direction. We want the racers, the teams, the fans, the families and the competitions to come and have a look at what we are doing – and enjoy it! It is a hobby, yes. But raising awareness of all British drivers around the globe is something that is important to us and, we hope, you too.

One important clarification: you may see the Union Jack flying above this site. We are avoiding any political conjecture with regards to connotations of the flag, Brexit or any other such matter. We are here to talk motor racing and motor racing only. Thank you.

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