Brit Pack Rankings – Bird continues to boss it

A quiet weekend of action led to no change at the top of the Brit Pack Rankings, with Sam Bird untouched at the top, pursued by Alexander  Sims and James Rossiter. Those who did see action either dropped down the rankings or made new entries.

Raoul Hyman‘s curtailed weekend and 11th place finish in the Toyota Racing Series sees him drop down one place to 13th, with his points total hit by his lowly finish. Dan Ticktum was another hit by low finishes and, as such, has dropped down two places to 19th.

He is just ahead of fellow Formula 3 Asia rival and your Driver of the Weekend Max Fewtrell, who is the highest new entry this week in at 21. Rob Huff, the other Brit in action, starts his 2019 in 35th place followed two good results in the lowly TCR Malaysia series. Although they may seem low down in the rankings at the moment, both Huff and Fewtrell will soon climb the rankings once their usual series begin in the spring.

The Brit Pack Driver Rankings is the only ranking system that seeks to track and compare drivers from all forms of motor racing across the globe, using results and performances in 90 different competitions. For further information on how the rankings work, please refer to our ‘How the Rankings Work’ page.

110Sam Bird148.667Formula E
220Alexander Sims138.250Formula E
330James Rossiter129.500Formula E testing
440Phil Hanson126.500Asian LMS LMP2
440Paul di Resta126.500Asian LMS LMP2
660Oliver Rowland125.667Formula E
770Oliver Turvey125.125Formula E
880Gary Paffett124.250Formula E
990James Calado121.000Asian LMS GTE
10100Chris Buncombe119.500Asian LMS LMP3
10100Wayne Boyd119.500Asian LMS LMP3
12120Jann Mardenborough117.000Formula E testing
13130Raoul Hyman416.339Toyota Racing Series
14140Harrison Newey115.500Asian LMS LMP2
15150Jamie Green113.786Formula E testing
16160Harry Tincknell113.294Formula E testing
17170Jake Hughes113.053Formula E testing
18180Jamie Chadwick112.857Formula E testing
19190Dan Ticktum611.793Formula 3 (Asian Winter)
20200Darren Burke111.250Asian LMS LMP2
21210Max Fewtrell311.016Formula 3 (Asian Winter)
22220Jake Rattenbury111.00024h Series (other)
23230Tony Wells19.167Asian LMS LMP3
23230Colin Noble19.167Asian LMS LMP3
25250Adam Christodoulou18.28624h Series (top)
26260Johnny Mowlem18.067Asian LMS GTE
26260Bonamy Grimes18.067Asian LMS GTE
26260Ivor Dunbar18.06724h Series (top)
29290Nick Adcock18.000Asian LMS LMP3
30300Stuart Hall17.93824h Series (top)
31310Oliver Jarvis17.63224h Series (top)
32320Finlay Hutchison17.50024h Series (top)
33330Matthew Bell17.400Asian LMS LMP3
34340Nigel Moore16.750Asian LMS LMP3
35350Rob Huff25.800TCR Malaysia
36360Charlie Eastwood15.00024h Series (other)
37370Nigel Greensall13.727IMSA PC
38380Mark Farmer13.22724h Series (other)
38380Dominic Paul13.22724h Series (other)
38380Jack Mitchell13.22724h Series (other)
38380Adrian Willmott13.22724h Series (other)
42420Jamie Stanley13.00024h Series (other)
42420Glenn Sherwood13.00024h Series (other)
42420Ben Clucas13.00024h Series (other)
42420Andy Perry13.00024h Series (other)
42420Nathan Freeke13.00024h Series (other)
42420Andrew Gordon-Colebrooke13.00024h Series (other)
42420JM Littman13.00024h Series (other)
42420Tom Canning13.00024h Series (other)
42420Jack Butel13.00024h Series (other)
42420Lewis Proctor13.00024h Series (other)
42420Brent Millage13.00024h Series (other)
42420Russ Olivant13.00024h Series (other)
42420Ryan Ratcliffe13.00024h Series (other)
42420Jon Minshaw13.00024h Series (other)
42420Jordan Witt13.00024h Series (other)
42420Frankie Bird13.00024h Series (other)
42420Derek Pierce13.00024h Series (other)
42420Sam Allpass13.00024h Series (other)
42420Rob Barff13.00024h Series (other)
42420Phil Quaife13.00024h Series (other)
42420Josh Webster13.00024h Series (other)
42420Greg Caton13.00024h Series (other)
42420Paul Dehadray13.00024h Series (other)
42420Liam Griffin13.00024h Series (other)
42420Kieran Griffin13.00024h Series (other)
42420Philip House13.00024h Series (other)
42420Adam Balon13.00024h Series (other)
42420Adam Knight13.00024h Series (other)
42420Marcus Jewell13.00024h Series (other)
42420Ian Loggie13.00024h Series (other)
42420Julian Griffin13.00024h Series (other)
42420Will Morrison13.00024h Series (other)
42420Colin Boyle13.00024h Series (other)
42420Peter England13.00024h Series (other)
42420Jonathan Simmonds13.00024h Series (other)
42420James Kaye13.00024h Series (other)
42420Will Neal13.00024h Series (other)
42420Henry Neal13.00024h Series (other)
42420Jake Giddings13.00024h Series (other)
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