BRIT PACK RANKINGS: Hamilton hogs the lead; Conway conquers third

It’s been a while since we last updated the Brit Pack Rankings, but that doesn’t mean we haven’t been busy…

Our last update was in August but we have continued to track British racers across the globe. Obviously it is Lewis Hamilton who remains at the top of the standings with an unassailable 23+ point lead. As our only Formula 1 driver in 2018, it is no surprise that that the Mercedes man has been dominant at the top of the rankings. However, due to the way in which driver performances within each race are monitored, it has taken Hamilton’s remarkable consistency to ensure he has scored so many points.

Behind him, Formula 2 championship leader George Russell is looking strong in second place. Again, his form in his 18 races this season has been consistent – more so than those immediately behind him in the rankings. Mike Conway has taken the initiative and climbs to third following his victory in the Fuji WEC for Toyota. This gives him two points over Alexander Albon and a bigger gap over Lando Norris, who currently sits in fifth.

Sam Bird has endured some tricky performances in the WEC GTEPro category but remains ahead of Ferrari team-mate James Calado, primarily due to his early-year results in Formula E. Callum Ilott – another driver with Ferrari links – currently sits in 8th and, with a strong finish to the GP3 later on this month, he could well climb above Bird and Calado.

Jenson Button has put in a string of consistent performances in both Super GT and WEC and is in 9th, but he is just 0.001 point ahead of DTM champion Gary Paffett, who rounds out the top ten. With both racers still to complete their 2018 programmes, it is all to play for to see who finishes in 9th.

Of note below the top ten are the following:

  • Formula Renault champion Max Fewtrell saw his end of season form result in a climb to 19th in the rankings.
  • Despite only competing in two races this season, Anthony Davidson sits in 21st.
  • Phil Hanson, another driver to see some good results in recent weeks, has climbed to 24th.
  • Marino Franchitti saw two late-season appearances – including a podium in the Petit Le Mans – result in a place on the fringes of the top 30.

The are still 46 races counting towards Brit Pack ranking points to take place this season, so changes in the rankings are to be expected! Keep checking each week for further details.

1Lewis HAMILTON48.405
2George RUSSELL25.230
3Mike CONWAY17.776
4Alexander ALBON15.746
5Lando NORRIS12.416
6Sam BIRD11.062
7James CALADO10.752
8Callum ILOTT10.710
9Jenson BUTTON9.946
10Gary PAFFETT9.945
11Dan TICKTUM9.812
12Paul DI RESTA8.789
13Richard WESTBROOK8.353
14Andy PRIAULX8.200
15Nick TANDY7.627
16Oliver GAVIN7.170
17Jake HUGHES6.878
18Jack AITKEN6.697
19Max FEWTRELL6.468
20Enaam AHMED6.438
21Anthony DAVIDSON6.250
22Oliver TURVEY6.119
23Alexander SIMS6.043
24Phil HANSON5.953
25Oliver WEBB5.540
26Tom BLOMQVIST5.400
27Ben HANLEY5.338
28Charlie ROBERTSON5.300
29Rob GAROFALL5.295
30Alex MacDOWALL5.215
31Stuart LEONARD5.167
32Ed JONES5.045
33Michael MEADOWS4.769
34Harry TINCKNELL4.705
35Marino FRANCHITTI4.667
36Liam GRIFFIN4.564
37Will STEVENS4.417
38Rob HUFF4.279
39Oliver JARVIS4.211
40Mike SIMPSON4.145
41Aaron SCOTT4.106
43Dean STONEMAN3.900
44Stuart MIDDLETON3.853
46Alasdair McCAIG3.733
47James ROSSITER3.585
48Bob BERRIDGE3.500
48Steve TANDY3.500
50Jonny ADAM3.396
51Harrison SCOTT3.367
52Alex LYNN3.313
53Harrison NEWEY3.207
54Darren TURNER3.084
55Stefan WILSON3.000
56Oliver ROWLAND2.992
57Ash SUTTON2.970
58Nick YELLOLY2.962
59Ryan DALZIEL2.912
60Katherine LEGGE2.869
61Will TREGURTHA2.775
62Mark FARMER2.667
63Duncan CAMERON2.653
64Alex BRUNDLE2.604
65Colin NOBLE2.603
66Charlie EASTWOOD2.569
67Jake DENNIS2.475
68Jordan KING2.474
69Gordon SHEDDEN2.449
70Lewis WILLIAMSON2.427
71Flick HAIGH2.380
72Ben HINGELEY2.379
73Jack HARVEY2.306
74Mike WAINWRIGHT2.283
75Max CHILTON2.279
76Josh FILES2.275
77James LITTLEJOHN2.227
78Jamie CAROLINE2.195
79Jon MINSHAW2.149
80Jamie GREEN2.112
81Ben BARKER2.076
82Kiern JEWISS2.062
83James RAVEN2.061
84Steven KANE2.050
85Tom GAMBLE1.971
86Jethro BOVINGDON1.970
87Tony WELLS1.939
88Finlay HUTCHISON1.921
89James SWIFT1.917
90Olli CALDWELL1.905
91Daniel LLOYD1.873
92Tom INGRAM1.856
93James THOMPSON1.842
94Colin TUKRINGTON1.818
95Derek JOHNSTON1.817
96Tom ONSLOW-COLE1.816
97Will PALMER1.789
98Phil KEEN1.770
99Graham DAVIDSON1.750
100Jonathan HOGGARD1.696
101Lee MOWLE1.692
102Adam MORGAN1.681
103James PULL1.676
104Josh COOK1.660
105Duncan TAPPY1.633
106Wayne BOYD1.599
107Euan HANKEY1.589
108Ross KAISER1.578
108Terrence WOODWARD1.578
110Matt NEAL1.554
111Philip ELLIS1.526
112Hunter ABBOTT1.519
113Peter DUMBRECK1.517
114Ollie TAYLOR1.494
115Dan CAMMISH1.491
116Jack GOFF1.443
117Jake DALTON1.429
118Jay HOWARD1.417
119Michael BENHAM1.411
120Alex BUNCOMBE1.344
120Matt PARRY1.344
122Alex KAPADIA1.322
123Tom CHILTON1.304
124Ayrton SIMMONS1.299
125Jack HAWKSWORTH1.286
126Andrew JORDAN1.236
127Clément NOVALAK1.194
128Jack MITCHELL1.093
129Matthew BELL1.070
130Andrew WATSON1.055
131Harry WEBB1.055
132Louis GACHOT1.047
133Seb PRIAULX1.021
134Teddy WILSON1.018
135Sam TORDOFF0.962
136Toby SOWERY0.942
137Frankie BIRD0.941
138Jordan CANE0.932
139Senna PROCTOR0.918
140Billy MONGER0.915
141Richard LYONS0.898
142Jack MANCHESTER0.879
143Andrew HOWARD0.863
144Pippa MANN0.857
145Dino ZAMPARELLI0.857
145Taylor PROTO0.857
147Rob COLLARD0.853
148Ian JAMES0.843
149Joey FOSTER0.833
150Nick LEVENTIS0.806
151Oli WILKINSON0.794
152Ben BARNICOAT0.791
153Micah STANLEY0.768
154Jamie CHADWICK0.767
155Richard BRADLEY0.739
156Josh MASON0.702
157Chris SMILEY0.680
158Aidan MOFFAT0.676
159Bradley ELLIS0.675
160Sean WALKINSHAW0.674
161Garry FINDLAY0.667
162Ben GREEN0.639
162Ben TUCK0.639
164Nigel MOORE0.631
165Callum POINTON0.630
166Howard FULLER0.621
167Josh PRICE0.615
168Ollie MILLROY0.614
169Graham JONHSON0.563
169Mike ROBINSON0.563
171David PITTARD0.561
172Daniel McKAY0.556
173Charlie FAGG0.556
173Jake HILL0.556
173Michael O'BRIEN0.556
176Matt SIMPSON0.548
177Adam BALON0.525
178Dean MacDONALD0.500
178Scott MALVERN0.500
180Rick PARFITT JR0.484
181Guy SMITH0.476
182Stewart LINES0.474
183David PATTISON0.471
183Joe OSBORNE0.471
185Finlay CROCKER0.454
186Jonathan COCKER0.446
187Steven LIQUORISH0.445
188Bill CAMERON0.437
189Josh WEBSTER0.436
190Ian LOGGIE0.417
191Callum MacLEOD0.410
192Stephen JOHANSEN0.400
192Tom WRIGLEY0.400
194Sam DE HAAN0.391
195Ryan RATCLIFFE0.389
196James APPLEBY0.388
197James HOLDER0.342
198Jordan ALBERT0.333
198Lewis PROCTOR0.333
200Paul REES0.314
201Oscar DE LUZURIAGA0.304
202Sandy MITCHELL0.287
203Daniel BROWN0.284
204Stuart HALL0.273
205Ricky COLLARD0.265
206Lewis KENT0.261
207Alex MORGAN0.253
208Rob AUSTIN0.247
209Adam KNIGHT0.222
209John LOGGIE0.222
209Marcus JEWELL0.222
212Jody FANNIN0.221
213Euan McKAY0.221
214Josh CAYGILL0.208
215Tom SHARP0.207
216Derek PALMER Jr0.200
217Carl SWIFT0.200
218Oliver CLARKE0.185
219Josh SKELTON0.184
220Matthew COWLEY0.182
221Nigel GREENSALL0.182
222Jason PLATO0.172
223Patrick McCLUGHAN0.167
224Tom BOARDMAN0.167
225Stephen PATTRICK0.165
226Brent MILLAGE0.159
227Chris BUNCOMBE0.155
228Andy MEYRICK0.153
229Brett SMITH0.143
230Lewis PLATO0.143
231Teofilo MASERA0.141
232Peter CATE0.136
233Mark RADCLIFFE0.135
234Seb MORRIS0.134
235Matt NICHOLL-JONES0.131
236Christian ENGLAND0.131
237Will MOORE0.129
238Matthew GEORGE0.126
239Anthony WELLS0.125
239Mike NEWBOULD0.125
239Will BURNS0.125
242Oliver BARKER0.121
243Darelle WILSON0.119
244James THORPE0.118
244Phil QUAIFE0.118
244Sean MCINERNEY0.118
247Tim RICHARDS0.108
248Colin WHITE0.103
248James MAY0.103
250Ollie JACKSON0.102
251Fiona JAMES0.095
252Richard MEINS0.094
253William PAUL0.093
254Joseph MOORE0.089
255Bradley PHILPOTT0.084
256James COLE0.080
257Mike BUSHELL0.078
258Darren BURKE0.078
259Derek PIERCE0.076
259Rob SMITH0.076
261Ian MITCHELL0.074
262Chris HARRIS0.069
263Jamie SHARP0.068
264Chris GOODWIN0.065
265Bonamy GRIMES0.063
265Charlie HOLLINGS0.063
265Johnny MOWLEM0.063
268Rory BUTCHER0.062
269Devon MODELL0.059
270Richard ABRA0.055
271Nigel ARMSTRONG0.053
272Andy CUMMINGS0.050
273JM LITTMAN0.038
274Andrew WOLFE0.033
275Kelvin FLETCHER0.032
275Martin PLOWMAN0.032
277Nicolas GRIEBNER0.031
278Christian LESTER0.028
279Andy PERRY0.027
279Ben CLUCAS0.027
279Jamie STANLEY0.027
282David FAIRBROTHER0.027
283David DRINKWATER0.027
284Ross GUNN0.024
285Benjamin LYONS0.023
285Jody HALSE0.023
285Marcos BENNETT0.023
285Simon GLENN0.023
289Nick BARROW0.022
290Tom OLIPHANT0.018
291Bobby THOMPSON0.017
292Michael LYONS0.015
293John HARTSHORNE0.008
293Ollie HANCOCK0.008
295James BREAKELL0.004
296Adam HAYES0.000
296Alyn JAMES0.000
296Andrew HACK0.000
296Andy PALMER0.000
296Anna WALEWSKA0.000
296Ashley WOODMAN0.000
296Basil RAWLINSON0.000
296Benjamin WALLACE0.000
296Carl BROADLEY0.000
296Chris HOY0.000
296Colin BOYLE0.000
296Dan WELCH0.000
296Dave COX0.000
296Ethan HAMMERTON0.000
296Gavin PICKERING0.000
296George HAYNES0.000
296Glynn GEDDIE0.000
296Graham ROBERTS0.000
296Guy POVEY0.000
296Ian STINTON0.000
296Ivor DUNBAR`0.000
296Jake RATTENBURY0.000
296James KAYE0.000
296Jason WOLFE0.000
296John SEALE0.000
296Jonathan SIMMONDS0.000
296Jordan WITT0.000
296Julian GRIFFIN0.000
296Julian HARRISON0.000
296Marcus CLUTTON0.000
296Marcus WELLER0.000
296Mark BENZ0.000
296Mark MURFITT0.000
296Martin BYFORD0.000
296Matt LE BRETON0.000
296Michael BROADHURST0.000
296Michael CAINE0.000
296Neil GARNHAM0.000
296Nick ADCOCK0.000
296Nick JONES0.000
296Nick MERCIER0.000
296Ollie PIDGELEY0.000
296Paul MAY0.000
296Paul VICE0.000
296Richard NEARY0.000
296Richard WILLIAMS0.000
296Rob BELL0.000
296Rob YOUNG0.000
296Robert GILMOUR0.000
296Ross WARBURTON0.000
296Sam NEARY0.000
296Sam SMELT0.000
296Sennan FIELDING0.000
296Shaun BALFE0.000
296Stephen JELLEY0.000
296Steven WELLS0.000
296Struan MOORE0.000
296Tim DOCKER0.000
296Tom BARROW0.000
296Tom CANNING0.000
296Tom WOOD0.000

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